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Why do we want SA3, or an open letter to Sega

Over the past few years Sega began to consider the wishes of the fans, to interact with them, and has achieved good results. We see that Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations satisfy a big part of the fandom, such as the fans of retro and the new young fans of Sonic. This shows that Sega thinks about their gamers, the fact of which, of course, is great.

Nonetheless, Sega forgets or pretends to forget about the huge part of the fans, who also care about Sonic, and who also want to have their wishes taken into account. It's the fans of the Adventure series.

Sega frankly stated several times that currently there are only two types of Sonic fans — retro fans and new younger fans who loved the blue hedgehog for Unleashed and Colors. It isn't correct. There is a lot of SA and SA2 fans, and they are still waiting for their good game.

This year is the 20th Sonic’s anniversary, and it’s a very important event. Sega has promised to make a gift for all fans. What did they make? They made a great beautiful game for retro fans and new children fans and forget about the others. Of course, they included levels from the Dreamcast era in Sonic Generations, but does it matter? Does 3D Green Hill in SA2 make this game a retro one? None. They also re-released SA and SA2 soundtracks with no new songs, no bonuses, no better quality, and even left out about 1/3 of all the melodies. Is this a pleasing gift? None. And we want to have something truly good done for us too, as for everyone else. We don’t want to be forgotten, and we want a game for us.

But now let's put the anniversary aside for a while and find out why we Sonic Adventure fans are neither retro Sonic fans nor modern Sonic fans.

The Adventure series differ from other Sonic games a lot. While retro and modern games put emphasis on the gameplay, SA didn't forget about good plot being in harmony with different styles of gameplay. Those games involved many characters, allowed smooth presentation and proper development to each one of them. We enjoyed bonuses like chao gardens, missions, multiplayer, and so on. Playing the SA games was like an exploration — when you didn't have to rush straight ahead at top speeds pressing the boost button constantly, but could slow down for a while looking for a new secret, or when you were on the quest of searching for the pieces of the Master Emerald, or were making your way through the loads of enemies. You could move freely wherever you wanted. And many fans loved this version of Sonic's world.

The new formula of recent Sonic games was born under pressure of retro fans wanting Sonic to be only one character appearing in newer games. But Sonic's name featured in each game's title doesn't mean that all other characters are unwanted and unneeded. This formula, even appearing to be attractive and allowing the player to feel the speed, actually is far from perfect. For example, it leaves out parts of the level made in full 3D where you don't just run forward smashing the obstacles. It has too much 2D, thus letting the very essence of 3D games get lost, and it has way too little of the real platforming. Not to mention uninteresting one-day characters and weak plot. All of this makes the SA fans feel sorrow and disappointment.

So what does the game need to make a real Sonic Adventure 3 and leave fans satisfied?

Unlike many people think, it's not just a title. The game can be named whatever Sega wants, but it has to take over the style and concept of the SA series. "Sonic Adventure 3” is used only because there's nothing better.

The features of the series are listed below.
The main features:
1. At least 6 playable characters, each one of them having his own storyline and developing his personality.
2. At least 3 different styles of gameplay, the speedy one including exploring of the world and made entirely in 3D. The boost, if there is to be one, shouldn't be used all the time. Actually, just regular spindash would be fine.
3. Powerful plot preferably written by Shiro Maekawa, without plotholes such as "Why is the Moon back to normal again”. Plot and gameplay should be equally important.
4. Soundtrack by Crush 40, Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoe, Tomoya Ohtani and Fumi Kumati, featuring different genres such as rock, jazz, techno and so on.
5. Yuji Uekawa's design and style.
The secondary features:
1. Some innovations. Maybe changes in the gameplay in comparison with the gameplay in SA and SA2, or online gameplay, or something like this.
2. Chao-gardens.
3. Takashi Iizuka as the level designer.
4. 2D artworks.
5. Adventure-fields.

If worked out properly, all of them altogether will make a game we want.

And one more thing. Why is S2006 not SA3?
Due to the rush the developers had been in the game turned out to have an awful lot of flaws and glitches. It just wasn't actually finished. That incomplete attempt of creating a game simply can't be taken as the successor to the SA series. Just like Sonic Advance can't pretend to be Sonic 4, S2006 doesn't have qualities SA3 absolutely requires.

What about Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic Unleashed — well, those games are even farther from the SA formula than Sonic Next Gen, and they can't be taken as Sonic Adventure 3 as well.

SA fans are now beginning to take action. The 20th Sonic’s anniversary became a catalyst; we can't stand the fact that nowadays being a fan of SA and SA2 is considered to be a flaw anymore. Here are proofs that we do exist and there are many of us:

Please, Sega, listen to us. We are waiting in line patiently, hoping that someday you will finally remember about us. You'll satisfy a great part of the fandom if you make a good game for the SA fans.

Thank you for your understanding.
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